A re-imagination of a real event: what if the Gorbachevs'

visit to the Reagans in Washington had gone differently?

What if they had relaxed, waived the diplomatic rules, been themselves, discovered similarities that outweighed their differences, and conspired to change the course of history?


The play sets aside the media stereotypes of these famous individuals, as they reveal the real personalities behind the masks.They really like each other and bond in ways which could not have been anticipated. They decide that their new relationship could be a model for co-operation between their countries, in the nuclear disarmament process. Sounds utopian? Maybe.


There's a sting in the tale....


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A play written two years before the coronavirus lockdown consigned so many people to domestic quarantine, it explores the dynamics of a family in a similarly confined space: a holiday in a seaside caravan, in bad weather.


Claustrophobia  and history combine to raise tensions, and familarity breeds contention: old grievances surface and smoulder, new ones add to the combustion, and memories and dark secrets flare. How can people who love each other so much harbour so much resentment? Truth will out...and the fact of past deceptions proves to be worse than the matters they concealed. The darkest hour...precedes a light-switch moment.


A  close, but unusually devious, family? Probably not.

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