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A first (and last) novel, mostly written in 2005, but only completed and submitted for publication in 2008. The publishers agreed on one thing: the booksellers would not know where to place it in their shops, because it spanned too many different genres. They had a point: it is a romance, a political thriller, an adventure story (complete with chase), and at its core, a drama about racism in a marriage and in history.


A valued colleague (who appears in the novel in light disguise) said  "it's a real page-turner...".  See what you think...

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This started with a recollection, which, by association, began a stream of long-forgotten memories, eventually becoming a tsunami. It is an 'episodic' autobiography - not a complete enumeration of a lifetime - simply key events and experiences.


Reviews of first edition:


'a compelling, generous and funny the end I felt I knew him, and was glad to'                                                               Maria S, Sweden.


'From the infant school pageant to Kosovo, the East End to New York, the Romanian orphanage to rural Shropshire, he has clearly led a life which has been rich in everything but money... He is so unsparing in his excoriating account of his humiliations as well as triumphs that the reader feels it must be true...There is something potent on every page, be it humour, seriousness or the occasional tear.'             Prof. Gill Perry


'How can a Psychologist be so bad at relationships?!?!

Two marriages, an affair, falling in love, and being dumped in short order? And these are only the ones he mentions!' ...

I found this hugely enjoyable.                      Basheer Ahmed, London.


'I don't often write reviews but I felt compelled to do so about 'Fess'. A thoroughly engaging read.'                            Harry Wichtowski, Oxhey


'It has a very inclusive, conversational style – often self-deprecating and very humorous (occasionally laugh out loud) – but always interesting and invested with enough detail to conjure a believable and vivid tale. The author provides a sincere personal narrative, and yet as he has lived through and experienced many salient moments of his generation, I think many will enjoy it, with a wry smile of recognition'.                 Elvira001



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